About Zaiqa

Sharing food with loved ones has always been our tradition and pride. Being far from our family and friends, should not stop this tradition. This is why we created the solution to offer you opportunity to share the love through some of the best cuisine with your loved ones in Pakistan.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations. To achieve this, we focus highly on reliability of delivery time. In addition, accuracy of delivery is another key important aspect that we continue to excel on. Nothing makes us happier and motivated than knowing you are happy and satisfied with our services.

Our goal is to provide the high quality food, on time and accurate delivery with the most competitive pricing. To do this, we have selected hand full of some of the top restaurants. Our staff is trained to meet your needs and we continue to identify opportunities to deliver best value to you.

We are based in Dallas, TX (USA) and Karachi (Pakistan). This helps to support both front and back end of the process. The customer service teams are located at both locations to facilitate local contact.