Customer Testimonials

“It’s really a wonderful service… you can easily send your choice of food to your loved ones n make them feel surprised n happy ?”


“Love your service we will order again”


“Everything was done well just a suggestion that if I could have gotten an update about who has received it that would be great and also there was no option to send a birthday card with the delivery that would have been great. Otherwise good experience:)”


“This was amazing , they offer quality affordable choices , service is on time and perfect . Cannot ask for anything better.”


“Dependable!!! We have used their service multiple times and they delivered great service. We were looking for a way to be part of a gathering back home and decided to cater some food. We reached out to our family members and asked how many people they were expecting, date and time. The rest Zaiqa took care of for us. The only thing we had a hard time with was trying to figure out which restaurant to pick first because they all are our favorites. We flipped a coin and went with BBQ tonite the first time. Our family in Pakistan could not be more pleased. They didn’t have to do anything and dinner was served. On-time, and fresh!”


“Maybe in future you can add more restaurants”


“Nothing to add , please keep up good work.”


“Great Service ! Food was delivered on time”